Mine is a 40 year old rendered brick home showing its age, poorly painted previously and in need of a complete overhaul. Without resorting to superlatives, the end result of Liam’s team efforts are nothing short of extraordinary. My home has been completely transformed as a result of meticulous preparation; use of a thick membrane which has taken out all manner of hairline cracks and the care taken with downpipes, gas lines, deck footings and fascias has them looking new. The final coat has a richness and depth that can only be achieved via attention to detail and a lot of elbow grease. As a senior I’m perhaps too fussy about all things house-related given the paucity of some efforts over the years. No doubt you hear me on that. To have my expectations surpassed has me shelving any plans of moving from my “new” abode. Thank you Liam, Ian, Greg, Lara, Joe, Matt, and John – you have achieved exponential, synergistic results for which I’m most grateful